Design Your Dream Home Using These 4 Fun Online Games

11th June 2020

Have you ever considered using computer games to design your home? No! It can be a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. And you can design your dream home from your laptop or phone. Get the family and friends involved too. It’s a fun way to tackle your next renovation project.

There are lots of excellent interior design online games out there that allow you to hone your decor skills. In this post I’m sharing my top 4 online games (most of which can be played on your phone) that will bring out the interior designer in you.

Use These 4 Fun Online Games For Home Design

Our pick of the 4 of the best interior design online games to hone your decor skills to create your dream home says interior stylist Maxine Brady

Image | Get creative with online interior design games that will allow your imagination to run wild

1. The Sims 4 (iOS and Android – Paid)

Sims is a wildly entertaining game. It allows you to morph and shape the world around your avatar as he or she interacts with a whole society of characters. What’s more, your avatar has the ability to design the interior of a house or apartment from scratch. I remember the first version of Sims when the graphics were like little building blocks. Things have come a long way now!

The latest version – Sims 4 – has a sustainable living section. Where you can produce your own electricity and water with solar panels, wind turbines and dew collectors. Or you can grow food in a vertical garden. There is a collaborative community where you can team up with local crafters, activists and technicians to build up support. You can even outfit a house using pre-loved items in the trash – like lamps or an oven – that you can fix to create a (dream) reclaimed home.


Image| What does your dream home look like?

2. Design This Home (iOS – Free)

Looking for an interiors game for your phone? Then try Design This Home which is an app that allows you to design a home with 14 rooms using over 600 unique items from sofas, to lights, to armchairs.

You can decorate and expand your house just like an interior designer. And customise every element of your home from arranging furniture, to putting up cabinets, painting the walls, renovating the floors and more.

There are gaming apps out there that are completely free to download, with some even doling out free bonuses. This one is worth checking out.


Our pick of the 4 of the best interior design online games to hone your decor skills to create your dream home says interior stylist Maxine Brady

Image | Test out your ideas on your phone first with free interior design online games and apps

3. Second Life (PC – Paid)

If you prefer a computer screen to a smaller mobile screen then you’ll love Second Life. It’s a game which first launched in 2003 – but it was ahead of its time in so many ways.

The great thing about this game is you can shape the inside of your house and the outside too. With Second Life you can reside in a place that is your utmost dream – from a private island to a farm, to a penthouse flat to a hut on the beach. There is no limit to what you can create.

You can design very inch of your living space, and control things like the weather and the time of day. Or you can buy a pre-made home and have a house warming party that you can invite your friends too. And as a finishing touch – why not put a Ferris wheel in your backyard?


Our pick of the 4 of the best interior design online games to hone your decor skills to create your dream home says interior stylist Maxine Brady

Image | Online home design games are a great way to find out your interior style and become a fantasy interior decorator

4. Home Design Story (iOS – Free)

Design, decorate and personalise the house of your dreams with Home Design Story – where you are in charge of designing the most beautiful home possible.

As you progress through the game’s levels you are rewarded with larger rooms to decorate and buildings to makeover. Cosy country cabin or modern mansion – you decide. Dream big, decorate for success or become the world’s most celebrated (virtual) designer on Home Design Story.


Ready To Design Your Dream Home With Online Games?

I hope you like this fun little post! I hope it helps you try out new ways to explore your interior design ambitions in your spare time. What do you think? I’m tempted to give the Sims one a try one day – I think it would be fun to grown my own veg and build my dream eco house.

IMAGE CREDITS: Anything But Ordinary, Laura Muller, Sincerely Media, Phil Desforges, Jacques Bopp, Luke Stack Poole, @webaliser, Florain Schmidinger, Pixasquare from Unsplash

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