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3 Simple Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

6th January 2020

Have ever you had that sinking feeling, that no matter how much you exercise, it’s not is having an impact on your body? I know I have! It’s so frustrating. For years, I was regularly practicing yoga, running and swimming but my body shape seemed to stay the same. I didn’t see the improvements I craved. That is why today, I’m sharing 3 simple fitness tips to help you have an amazing workout.

Time to feel the burn (how retro does that sound!)

3 Simple Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

If you have been checking in on my blog since the summer, you’d know I’ve been focusing on my fitness. I joined a gym last year, I teamed up with a personal trainer this August, and have been carefully tweaking my diet too. Why? All with the aim to help get fitter and healthier. I think it might be my age – are you like this?

I’ve been sharing all that adventure this post where I have been sharing ideas to help you (and me) get fit and healthy.

If like me, you don’t have masses of spare time, then you will want to make sure that each and every workout counts! If you see results from doing exercise, then you are more likely to work out more often too and stick at it in the long term.

That’s why I asked my personal trainer Beth from Built.By.Beth, to share her top tips to help you have an amazing workout.

If you are new to exercise or just want to stay focused, then follow Beth’s fab workout tips below. I have, and noticed an improved in my workouts already. As a result, I feel happier and fitter than ever before.

Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

3 Simple Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

Tip 1 : Up Your Frequency

First things first, if you want to see changes in your body shape, then you’ll need to make some changes to your lifestyle. With any type of training getting regular workouts in, and making it part of your weekly routine is the key to fitness success.

Think of your workouts as if you were brushing your teeth – you have to do it! If you’re serious about seeing physical change, then being consistent with your approach is key to producing great results. And if you work out more, your body will change quicker – and once you see results, you’ll be hitting the gym more often.

If you are new to exercise, then schedule in three training sessions a week, every week. In my case this is a mix of exercise classes like body combat, spinning classes, yoga, body balance and then one weight training session per week. You’ll need a good mix of cardio and stretches, and then weights to tone up.

I’ve always been active but I have noticed a real change since training with Beth. She came up with a bespoke training program using machines at the gym. I try to do this once a week (or more) then add in high energy exercise classes around them – usually mid week. For my down time, I practice yoga usually on a Monday which is one of my busiest days to the ideal time to zone out a bit.

As you make your workouts part of your weekday routine, you’ll need to start adapting and adding which classes you want to do, depending on how you feel each week. If I am feeling stressed then I will do more yoga and pilates classes as I find them calming. If I want to feel energised, then it’s all about body combat or spin. Then my weekends, when the gym is quieter is when I train on the machines.

If you get into a little workout routine that fits into your working week, you’ll look forward to it as part of your day. Now, if I don’t go to the gym, I can really notice how much I miss it and how my mood drops.

Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

Tip 2 : Quality Workouts

We all know the basic life rule about quality over quantity. The same applies to your workouts. Making sure you’re executing your muscles effectively when training. How? This means keeping control of your body (so no rushing), concentrating on your technique (making sure your body position is spot on so you won’t do any damage), and working as hard as you can (without straining) in each and every session.

Exercise is stress on the body so there’s no need to butcher yourself. If you’re doing things badly, this can potentially cause serious injury further down the line which of course you don’t want. My top tip is to pay close attention to each muscle you are working to make sure you give it you rall. My gym has wall-to-wall mirrors that I use to help correct my posture.

It’s much better to pushed hard for 45 minutes and have a productive workout, than doing a half-arsed workout for 90 minutes Or doing a more brutal workout where you can’t walk for a week. Don’t you think?

Quality over quantity every time!

If you see results from doing exercise then you are more likely to stick at it. Here's 3 simple fitness tips to help you have an amazing workout every time.

Tip 3 : Intensity

It’s easy to get distracted or slack off a bit when at the gym. There are so many distractions. Are you working as hard as you can, and putting in as much as effort you could be? Ask yourself during intervals in your workout, ‘Am I giving myself the best session I deserve?’. If not, try to focus in on your workout to stay on track. If you keep up the intensity AND make the most of your time at the gym then you’ll notice changes.

Follow these little rules to fitness success:

• Take short rest periods. It’s very easy to lose focus and forget you’ve just rested for 5 minutes! I use the timer on my fitbit to measure my 1 min breaks to make sure that I don’t faff.

• Try to avoid using your mobile phone during breaks. It can be too distracting! I’m being sooo good at not checking insta when at the gym.

• Keep it chat short with other members until your workout is over – as this can be another potential distraction!

I’ve got good at putting my phone on mute. I’m going to treat myself to wireless headphones so I can listen to music while I work out. And I try to count my weights up and down, rather than chat away to friends at the gym. When it comes to classes, I always try and do my best – no matter what my mood. The sweatier you are am at the end of the class, the happier you will be. I promise you.

Making sure you’re pushing it to at least 90% in every session is key to getting your body to respond effectively and see results. You want to be squeezing your muscles hard with every workout.

Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

3 Simple Fitness Tips To Help You Have An Amazing Workout

Let’s be honest here, it’s probably not going to be realistic to have an amazing 100% workout every time you hit the gym. But making sure you’re giving it your best every single time you work out, then whatever goals you have for your body and mind (providing your nutrition is on point) will fall into place. You’ll start to see changes, and this will become part of your life rather than a passing phase.

I’d love to know what you think in the comment box below! Please feel free to drop me a line.

In the meantime, happy workout!





If you see results from doing exercise then you are more likely to stick at it. Here's 3 simple fitness tips to help you have an amazing workout every time.

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