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10th March 2016

Statement lighting makes a room. Why? Well, it adds drama to your ceiling, colour and texture to your scheme, and sets the mood for the room. A show-stopping light fitting can take your breath away and that is why it’s called ‘Statement Lighting’. Let’s go shopping for the perfect light.

My hunt for statement lighting started way back in October. Before I had these Geo Flock drum shades from BHS (£40 each) and they were perfect stop gap, and I loved the proportions but the colour wasn’t right.  Tired of these two matching shades in my living room, I wanted to swap them for something a little more….well, exciting.  What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome

What did I want to replace them with? This question was followed with months (and months) of internet research and deliberation. I was seriously struggling to find the perfect statement light. Maybe because it is for my own home…who knows? After endlessly hunting around, I called on the help of design experts: a gang of amazing homes bloggers. With them all ears, I ran past them my light choices for a Yay or a Nay!
What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome

On the top of my lust list are the Tom Dixon lights from Heals (in my main images). But at £255 EACH (and I need two – so make that £510) they’re out of my price range. The design is based on Nasa space helmets from the original 1960s mission. God, they are insanely beautiful. I found these ones on eBay which are silver/chrome and their shape is ‘inspired’ by the expensive Heals ones (but a fraction of the price). So what did my experts say? Karen from Making Spaces pointed out they are not the great for a living room as they only project light down. In a living space, she explained, I needed a shade that allows light to bounce around the room. So that was  No then.

Never one to pass by on a bargain, I bagged a 30cm dia costing £36 for my entrance way instead. What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome
Next on my list was the Eos light shade by Vita. I call it “The Chicken”. It’s nuts.  It’s bonkers. And I adore it. BUT (and there is always a but) as Jen from LoveChicLiving pointed out, the feathers softly diffuse the light which makes it useless for my living room/dining room. She did say it would be perfect for a bedroom. A couple of clicks laters and £200 on the credit card, I had an large one winging it’s way to me for my freshly plastered bedroom.

Then I stumbled across this White Thea beaded candelabra from BHS in the sale for £244. I saw one just like this in a vintage store in LA and I stuck in my mind – which is what a statement light should do. As Kate from Mad About The House suggested, that my ceilings are too low for this one. But it would work in my landing – so when I tackle that area of my home, this is on my shopping list.

What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome
This one is very different from the rest. Very boho glam. I’d like the natural texture and shape of this shell light shades by West Elm (in the sale at £240). Then Molly from Molly at the Princess said she has one just like this in her hallway, and it makes a noise every time the door opens or when the wind blows though, or if someone knocks against. Basically, it’s really annoying for an open plan space where people come and go. On that advice, I ditched this idea – although I might get something similar for my garden to hanging in my (only) tree.
What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome
Last on my list was this chic Paris light fitting from Garden Trading. It’s like a light fitting you would find in a cafe in France – n’est-ce Pas? I ran this option pas best friend and fellow interior stylist, Kate McPhee. She pointed out that this timeless look would keep me happy, and would outlast lighting trends.  It ticked all the right boxes – and my crack team of home bloggers agreed – it was perfect. At over 40cm dia wide, they make a real statement in my open-plan room! And at £65 each, they didn’t make my bank manger cry either.  What the heck is statement lighting? WeLoveHome

That was the overhead lighting sorted but I still felt like I was missing a little something. As I went all grown up with the main lighting, I always want to add a bit of edge to my rooms (test out my rule breaking tips). When styling on The Ugly House for Channel 4 I found these Seletti neon strip lights in the sale for £15. So I bought 3 for myself. I have them casually resting in a corner. They are perfect for parties. The white one is my fav. With these lights, I can plug them in and move them around my room as the mood takes me. This mix of the classic French Pressed glass shade with the neon strip light just seems to work in my room (don’t ask me how).

After months of shopping on-line, I’ve got lighting nailed for every room in my home. Well, I say that then I stumbled across Scheneid Junit Record Pendant (£135 each) from A Splash of Colour. I have no-where to put one so I may just have to move house just to squeeze one in.

That’s my low-down on statement lighting. Are you tempted to swap your shades for Statement Light? Go on, be honest.  Tell me what you think.


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